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Are you looking for easy ways to calculate the cost of a silicone injection mold? You are at the right place. Pouring silicone into a prepared form, mold box, or mold die produces silicone molds.

Silicone gives the shape of the container or the item inside the container. Hobbyists and artists who make candles, jewelry, and miniatures frequently use silicone molds.

When you calculate the price to make a silicone mold, it solely depends on various factors, including the mold’s shape, size, and substance for construction. 

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can easily get to know the cost of a silicone injection mold. Also, there are different factors that affect its prices. 

Costs Of Silicone Injection Mould Tooling

The main cost of the silicone injection mold depends on the complexity and size of the mold you require. However, for a single cavity silicone injection mold, it ranges from 500 to $5000 on average. 

You may spend up to $20,000 to buy a double cavity mold. One cavity has a difficult geometry, and the other one is for the large product. 

How Is The Cost Of Mold Calculated?

Usually, people use the phrase, “How much does it cost to make a mould?” We will take into account production costs, such as those which have some link with pre-hardened steel. 

The complex main manufacturing facilities that create the dies and the CNC machining necessary to create the mold. However, there are a few additional elements we must also take into account:

Create A Silicone Mold At Extra Cost

If you are starting to work on a fresh project, there are additional costs and expenses you need to consider. It also works if you are trying to produce products out of liquid silicone rubber, natural or synthetic rubber, natural latex, or any other common mold rubbers, also for reusable molding materials.

Do You Currently Have CAD Drawings for Your Idea?

You need to have a CAD design, which is necessary to be able to produce custom molds for the manufacturing process. 

The pricing of CAD designs starts at roughly $200 and increases for two-part molds with complicated sections or elements.

Before You Finalize the Mold, Do You Need A Prototype?

Before constructing a mold from more rigid materials, a 3D printed prototype is an inexpensive approach. This is necessary to test any undercuts and complex geometry in your mold frame. This includes a complex gasket, as well as its functionality. Because steel molds are expensive to produce, it’s crucial to get the mold core right the first time.

Storage And Shipping Fees for Your Mold

Even though shipping prices are a minor consideration, you need to figure out yourself if you actually need your dies supply or not. Most of the time, the factory where your manufacturer will be producing should store your mold box. 

This aids in preventing mold damage and increases the lifespan of your dies because reputable manufacturers will never store a clean mold before using it.

What Product Is Best for Making a Mold?

The majority of casts contain steel, occasionally with the addition of a beryllium copper alloy. These materials mold well with all of the most popular mold rubbers and other rubber types. 

It also includes low-melt metals, specialty high-performance polymers, plastic casting resin, and even gypsum plasters. They are also long-lasting and work well with silicone oil for mold release.

Why Is Injection Molding Such A Fragile Process?

When you compare it to alternative manufacturing methods like 3D printing, an injection mold is frequently the least expensive component of a manufacturing project and can significantly lower the cost of small parts. 

As a result, even if the initial cost of injection molding is high due to the procedures necessary to create a mold. You can save a lot of money in this way because the cost per unit will be substantially cheaper.

Injection Molding Vs. 3d Printing for Silicone

In most cases, 3D printing is a better and more cost-effective option for producing relatively small quantities of a final good. As with steel molds, you can print in sturdy materials and reproduce exquisite detail. 

However, at a far cheaper cost per unit than with a conventional mold and injection molding technique. The tooling cost is less or even nonexistent.

Plastic Versus Silicone Injection Mould Costs

Making silicone molds for plastic injection molding is extremely similar to that method. For a plastic injection mold, the materials used are the same. What does it cost to produce plastic injection molds, then? 

In essence, the costs are comparable to silicone. Thus, you should base your choice not on the cost of the mold. But rather on the type of end product you want to produce.

Applications Of Silicone Injection Mold

Molds For Amusement Use

You can create molds from nearly anything for hobbyist uses. Even use polymer clay, precious metal clay, an epoxy mold, and a foam core held together with hot glue. 

Also. Anything else you can think of to hold the desired form?

Professional Molds for Use

Professional silicone mold makers ought to create silicone molds for business use. It won’t do to use an epoxy mold or a hot glue mold. 

It will be quite difficult for you to persuade a manufacturing facility to use a mold that you made yourself.

What Is the Life Space of Silicone Injection Molds?

Casts can last for more than 20 years if you properly take care of them. Therefore, even if they are pricey initially, you can disperse their initial cost over a considerable period of time.

Your die will last longer if you store it on mold frames, in a dry location, and away from sources of heat. 


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