Support Sevices

Industrial Design, Mechnical design , Mold Design and Moldflow analysis; In order to implement customer’s idea and business goal in a short time,we
established a professional team that will solve all the problems from idea to series, so ID , MD, Mold design and Moldflow are most improtant and indispensable .

Plastic Mold making;

We offer all kinds of customized plastic molds for our customers, such as , Two-color injection molds, over-molding, vacuum reforming and blow molding ;
We produce the size 50cm*50cm mold in 4 weeks; 80cm*80cm mold in 5 weeks and above 80cm*80cm in 6 weeks and offer the perfect T0 samples .we have rich experiences in plastic materials in thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics
such as , ABS , PC+ABS, PBT+PC, PBT+GF,PF PP,PP+GF,PP+UV,PMMA, PVC,SAN,PPS, PPS+GF,HDPE,LDPE, PS, HIPS,IONOMER,PA, PA66,POM ect. we will choose the steels of cores and cavities according to the different plastic material to guarantee the higher quality products and mold life.

Die-Casting molds, Forging and Stamping Dies

we not only offer Aluminium alloy, Zinc alloy ,Zn-Mg-alloy,Iron and Cooper material die casting molds but also offer forging and stamping dies for different metals.for the die casting we have ourself advantages , such as, first time will make the net shape product and Eliminates secondary operations like assembly & machining; we have rich experience in Complex geometry and tight tolerances and good part-lines. especially,our professional team can finish the optimzed the best mold design and moldflow analysis to avoid some problems in processing.

Silicone Injection Mold making and silicone components producing

Dongxin is very good at this kind of mold,we make (LSR) liquid silicone rubber injection and (SSR) solid silicone rubber compression molds. we also make two color mold for LSR&SSR With hot runner and cold runner . as common sense, silicone rubber has Strong liquidity and much shrinkage characters , it needs very precision dimensions and stable mold construction, this is the reason why LSR Mold cost is much more expensive . compression mold will be economical and practical but the cycle time will be longer. Dongxin has own dust-free plant and liquid silicone injection DMG machines,we can help our customers to produce any components with FLGB and FDA starndards.

CNC Machining for Components (Aluminium ,Aluminium alloy,Brass,and Steels)

Dongxin has a CNC machining workshop to produce the custom products for
our customer who looking for a reliable, quick-turn supplier of machined plastic and metal components,we use 3-axis milling and 5-axis indexed milling processes to cut solid plastic and metal blocks into final parts.we can make the large dimension is about 2.5m long part.our unmatched in-house capacity ensures your parts are shipped on-time. we can machining materials as below: Aluminium, Brass,Cooper Stainless Steel,Steel alloy,Carbon,ABS, PC,PVC,PEEK,POM,PP,PTFE, PS,PET ect.